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Stop Cutting Out Food Groups.

Let me ask you this: "Are you at war with food?"

"Have you been cutting out foods groups from your diet for a long time?"

From my own experience and working with clients, people who cut out food groups often have a poor relationship with food to begin with, they find it hard to keep moderation with food and might have poor body image as well. (hard truth)

By changing their diet constantly they are hoping this will give them freedom of their suffering.

And it does, in the beginning. Changing or improving your diet will give you an identity boost of "I am a better person because of this", or "I am so proud of myself", and the worse one "this is finally going to give me what I want". Unfortunately, this wears off quickly and your relationship with food and even your health problems do not improve.

The trick is to work on your relationship with food, your relationship with yourself, and with moderation.

Moderation is the opposite of intensity and extremism. Which is often how we approach a new diet or health regime. Replacing intensity and extreme practices with moderation and simplicity will get you the results you are looking for.

"Moderation is the opposite of intensity and extremism."

I personally found that the gentle and compassionate approach of Ayurveda connected me again with the simplicity of food and eating and I stopped dieting completely. Over the course of 15 years I had cut out:

  • sugar

  • wheat

  • meat and fish

  • dairy products

  • carbohydrates (grains and such)

Did I get any healthier? NOPE. Did I get any happier? Certainly not.

"The gentle and compassionate approach of Ayurveda connected me again with the simplicity of food."

Cutting out sugar 100%, removing all carbohydrates from your diet, or never eating meat again will not give you the food freedom and peace of mind you are looking for. It will actually keep you in a cycle of disordered and obsessive eating.

It was only when I accepted any and all food groups in my diet that I found peace of mind and good health.

Inherently none of these food groups are bad for you. They all bring incredible nourishment and nutrition. Our challenge is to seek out the best quality products that are as ethically and sustainably grown as possible. (without being perfectionist about it)

Do you recognise this behaviour in yourself?

Are you about done with this type of eating and thinking?

Do you feel ready to step off this emotional rollercoaster?

Let's work together!

I am offering a 3-month coaching program to escape from the diet cycle, find food freedom and improve your health.

Interested? Book a FREE 20-min consult with me now. Click here!

*Always consult your physician before making adaptations to your lifestyle and diet.


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