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About Me


Studying Ayurveda and Yoga was a logical step for me due to my interest in health. (a.k.a. desire to heal myself) Combining this with my passion for cooking is just such a joy! In 2018, I started my own business in Ayurveda. I began this new chapter by cooking at various yoga retreats around the world and hosting workshops and retreats to talk about Ayurveda and serve Ayurvedic food, which led to my own Ayurvedic catering company.


I feel inspired to help you balance your health through simple and long-lasting practices. Nature is a guiding force for me! I love sharing what I learned from Ayurveda to help empower you to become your own healer. 

With Sage & Saints Ayurveda, I offer Ayurvedic assessments and one-on-one coaching, cater wellness events, facilitate on- and offline (cooking) workshops, and host retreats with Katarina Wittkamp from KatarinaYoga.


More about me...

I have been studying Ayurveda and Yoga for ten years now. I am a 200hr certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher and 850hr certified Ayurveda Health Counsellor. 

My cooking experience stretches to cooking for Yoga Teacher Trainings leading a kitchen of ten staff and cooking for up to 180 students! 

How I Work..

To be honest I am quite upset with the state of the world!


Our health and wellness industry and food industry do not always have our back when it comes to our health and I feel inspired to simplify health again instead of bringing more confusion.


Working with me means getting back to the basics; structure and routine, seasonal foods, proper sleep times, movement, and rest.


Plus I am supportive of working on your beliefs about what health should look like. I am not in favour of dieting, restricting yourself, or having a killer body as a health goal. 

I am not obsessed with health, but maintain my own health for a better quality of life. And this is what I want for you as well.

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