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10 Benefits Of Cooking At Home

Over the past three months, I have been working with a client to improve their health with Ayurveda. We mainly focused on their cooking skills at home. During this time they have honed their skills in the kitchen and expanded their repertoire of recipes. This resulted in many health benefits. I am keen to share them with you.

1. Less anxiety and stress

My client mentions they are much calmer and experiences less stress and anxiety. Win! This mainly is the result of eating healthier and eating in routine. He eats his meals at the same time every day and cooks almost every single meal.

2. Better digestion

Their digestion has improved significantly. Daily, steady elimination. Less gas and bloating. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Eating healthier

When we cook at home we are more likely to incorporate more vegetables in our foods than when we eat out or order takeaway. Also, we use less salt and sugar when cooking at home as opposed to take-out food.

"Home-cooking results in many health benefits. Start cooking your own food and experience it for yourself!"

4. More energy

Eating better gives you more energy. More sustainable energy throughout the day and less crashing in the afternoon. Adapting one healthy habit also leads to adopting other healthy habits. Bonus!

5. Better sleep

Eating healthier has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. My client is now sleeping throughout the night and has improved the quality of their sleep tremendously.

6. Less cravings

When cooking your own food it is highly likely you are eating healthier and more on a schedule. This results in having less sugar or salty cravings and you are less likely to reach for that bag of chips or tub of ice cream late at night.

"Ayurveda states that health starts in your kitchen! Cook your own meals and improve your health."

7. Weight loss

All the above has led to losing weight without having to restrict or making this a primary health goal.

8. Experiencing the effects of food

Handling food more often, touching your vegetables, cutting them, preparing the food, working with spices, etc. results in a stronger connection to the food you are eating. This way you start to really experience and understand the effects of food on your body and mind.

9. Making better food choices

Because of the better connection with food and experiencing all the benefits of home-cooking, it is highly likely that you start to make better food choices. You start to cook more at home, choose healthier recipes and even healthier options when you are ordering take-out.

10. Refined taste buds

Your home-cooked meals contain less salt and sugar and are likely less spiced than take-out food. This results in a cleaner palette, your taste buds are now more refined and that hamburger at McDonald's all of a sudden tastes like cardboard. This can result in improving your cooking because you are better able to taste what is good.

These benefits are huge and I am so proud of my client and happy for them. Not to mention this process leads to getting their kids involved and will have an impact on the health of the whole family.

Ayurveda states that health starts in your kitchen! Start cooking your own meals and improve your health, too. Cooking does not have to be difficult or time-consuming.

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*Always consult your physician before making adaptations to your lifestyle and diet.


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