Ayurvedic Tips for the Month of May.

Updated: May 30

Nature is our guide in Ayurveda. We look at how nature changes with the daily and seasonal weather patterns, daylight, and nighttime to see how we can best support ourselves physically and mentally/ emotionally to stay in good health.

Ayurveda believes our disconnect from nature causes diseases and imbalances in ourselves.

Our lives and environments are ever-changing and to keep yourself in balance it helps to look at the seasonal changes to know how to adapt.

Read all about the month of May to stay in good health!

P.S. This blog is based on Ontario, Canada weather.

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Okay, can we now say that spring is here? I am not sure actually. I feel I have been saying this for a few weeks and the weather keeps surprising us. But I guess that is spring! One of my clients told me that spring won't be here until mid-May and I think she is right.

If you are in other parts of Canada or the world you might experience the same or you are lucky and the weather has been nicer already.

Either way, May will bring us warmer weather, and that means we are moving towards Pitta-Kapha season. Slowly kapha is moving out of the seasons and pitta is moving in. Pitta is the fire element and with temperatures rising our inner fire will rise with it.

This generally means we feel more energized to start moving our bodies again, to start a new job, or a new adventure. Spring brings new possibilities and possibly (re)new(ed) love!

"Can we now say that spring is here?"

The Weather

May might still bring some rain, but the temperatures are rising and the sun is becoming more prominent. The days are getting longer and longer, and we feel inclined to go outside more.

We are moving into the pitta part of spring! The fire and water elements of pitta are very present with higher temperatures and humidity in the air. This is the most pleasant for vata dosha who benefits from the warmth and the moisture in the air.

This time in spring is still a great time to do a cleanse (read more here about cleansing). Especially for kaphas and pittas. Since pitta season is upon us, pittas want to make sure they are in balance and moving into the warmer months healthy.

May weather can be very pleasant. It is not yet very hot and humid, there is a nice breeze, some rain, and the air is fresh and clean.

"We are moving into the pitta part of spring! The fire and water elements of pitta are very present with higher temperatures and humidity in the air."

The Three Doshas in May


Vata is happy. Rain and warmer temperatures. A good mix for vata to get relief from their dryness and cold. The vata seasons are over! The coming months will be much more pleasant for vata types to enjoy and feel good. Warm temperatures will decrease their dryness and relieve them of constipation and anxiety. They might naturally feel calmer and more balanced in these coming months.

Spring brings excitement and newness and vata is all about it. Vata loves starting new projects and feeling that excitement running through their body of new opportunities and new adventures. Enjoy this feeling!

Okay, there is always a flip side. Vatas need to stay grounded and make sure the projects they start are really what they want and what is good for them in terms of staying in balance. They need to make sure they don't overbook their calendars and still have time to recharge and rejuvenate.

Vatas easily get out of balance, but with some good self-care, they can rebalance themselves quickly as well.

Sticking to their routines when it comes to mealtimes, sleep, and rest is essential for them.