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6 Tips To Recover From Covid or Flu.

As I am writing this I most likely have contracted Covid myself. I have been experiencing cold-like symptoms all weekend; sinus congestion, sore throat, body aches, headaches. I have not been tested for Covid though, but the Omicron virus has been spreading fast, so it is likely.

I am writing these tips from my own experience with Covid right now, if you are experiencing severe symptoms of illness please contact your doctor immediately.

1. Take Time To Heal

We often want to get better quickly. We don’t have time to be sick! That is totally my mentality, but I am switching that up this time.

Right now my body needs all the support it can get and I can either hinder that or support it. Ignoring signs and symptoms of illness does not make it go away quicker.

Accepting that you are not feeling well and taking time to recover will actually help you recover faster and better.

2. Lower Your Stress

Easier said than done. Being sick can actually create more stress since you might have to cancel work, put more stress on your family, or deal with it while you live alone. Trying actively to lower your stress as much as you help you recover faster and better.

Asking for help can create more ease for you plus using stress-lowering tools such as meditation or breathing exercises.

"Asking for help can create more ease."

3. Sleep A Lot

While you sleep your body is fighting hard to recover from whatever it needs to recover from. It is actually quite magical. And for those of you who have trouble sleeping, you know the impact of a poor night on your next day.

Give yourself ample time to sleep during the night and even during the day if necessary. Some things to improve sleep are:

  • reduce scene time, especially scrolling on social media or answering messages and emails

  • drink a cup of soothing warm lemon and ginger tea before bed

  • keep your room dark and noise-free

  • turn off your phone

4. Hydrate Well

You might lose more fluids if you have a fever so hydrating well is important if you feel ill. Ayurveda recommends drinking slowly; sip your water throughout the day instead of chugging it in big gulps. This way the water gets absorbed better into your cells instead of flushing you out and making you pee all the time.

Also, it is recommended to drink room temp or warm water instead of cold water. It is said that cold water diminishes your digestive fire which has a negative effect on your ability to digest food.

To replenish your electrolytes you can add a pinch of mineral salt to your water or some lemon or ginger.

5. Eat Well

You probably won’t feel like it anyway, but try to avoid heavy and fried foods, too much dairy and pastries while you are sick.

Stick with lighter soupy types of meals depending on your appetite and the severity of your illness. If you are dealing with a fever it is best to eat very light; vegetable or chicken broths and some light fruit will do.

Eating more will only obstruct the body to fight the fever. However, try to eat something to not lose too much strength.

6. Keep In Touch

Being sick can isolate you even more. Keep in touch with family and friends to let them know how you are doing and receiving support from them is important to not feel too alone during this time of isolation.

I hope you feel better soon!

If you feel up to it I am offering a 14-day New Year's Ayurveda Reset from Jan 23-Feb 5 to reset your health habits and learn about the benefits of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet in a supportive group environment. Click here to learn more.

*Always consult your physician before making adaptations to your lifestyle and diet.


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