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New Years Ayurveda Reset

Jan 23 - Feb, 5 2022

Be Set Up For A Year Where Your Health Feels Easeful!

Join this 14-day group program
to start the year in great health!

Raise your hand if this sounds like you...​

You have been trying to improve an area of your health (diet, sleep,

exercise, mental health) for years, but the results have been inconsistent

and you don’t know where to turn to next.

You feel alone with your health struggles and miss having community support.

Your relationship with food has become increasingly stressful.

You want to feel confident in your body by losing weight, but you feel

that no matter what weight you are at your body never looks good enough.

You have tried many diets, but haven't found the one that works for you… yet.  


If so, I bet some of these are also true.​

You want to eat healthily, but you feel confused about what to eat; there are so many mixed messages in the media.

You've been struggling with digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, and constipation. Your stomach is a source of discomfort.

You have cut out many foods from your diet to try to improve your digestion, but it hasn’t yielded the results you were hoping for.

You see that your mental health is suffering and you experience symptoms of anxiety, low motivation, depression, and/or isolation.

It can be painful to recognize yourself in any of the points above. Trust me, I know firsthand what all of the above feels like and I can promise you there is a different way. There is a way to approach your health that is sustainable, joyful, loving, and a reflection of you. your needs and your values.

Then this 14-day New Years' Ayurveda Reset is for you!

This program offers a framework to bring your eating habits, exercise, sleep hygiene, and mental health into a rhythm that feels nourishing, joyful, and sustainable to set you up so that 2022 is one of your best health years ever!

Are You Ready To..​

Be free of diet and fitness culture who have you believing that you are not enough.

Feel better in the body you have instead of striving for the body the media says you should have.

Have clarity about what to eat and learn to trust your food choices again.

Rediscover your connection to food and find joy in eating again.

Finally see progress with areas of your health that have been a source of suffering for years.

Know what it is like to receive support with your health struggles and know that you are not alone.

Come to understand the root causes of bloating, indigestion, and constipation, and how to work with them. 

Improve the quantity and quality of your sleep and begin to feel more energized again.

Make it easier to stick to routines and new habits. 


The New Years' Ayurveda Reset Is For You!

Inside The Program

The New Year's Ayurveda Reset is based on five health pillars. We will discuss these pillars in the group coaching sessions.

Pillar 1:

The Diet Cycle
Engage in guided self-inquiry to better understand your relationship to food. Gain insight into your inner narrative around dieting, body image, and eating. See if there are any myths that can be busted to move you towards your expression of true health and food freedom.

Pillar 2:

Routines & Rituals
Learn how setting routines for meal times, sleep, exercise, self-care, and rest can benefit your digestion, your hormonal balance, reduce stress and anxiety, improve recovery time between workouts, provide mental clarity, improve productivity, simplify your daily schedule and even provide an overall sense of spiritual wellbeing.

Pillar 3:

Mindful Eating
Become mindful of your eating experience to bring joy and calm back to your relationship with food. Learn how to calm your body and mind with simple breathing exercises and five-sense awareness while you eat.

Pillar 4:

Digestion & Diet
Learn what a healthy diet is. We’ll explore how to discern what is healthy food and what is not healthy food, this will include the benefits of seasonal eating, the benefits of home-cooking, where to shop, and how to meal plan to reduce stress.

Pillar 5:

Let’s debunk fitness culture! Let’s separate the idea that your physical fitness level is directly correlated to your self-worth. Yes, exercise is essential to good health. The question is: how can we do it in a way that is both sustainable and balanced?

Many other topics will be addressed in this program that support your overall health. 

Break The Cycle of Dieting and Find Food Freedom

For years I tried one diet after the next, cutting out all kinds of foods. Dairy, wheat, sugar, meat, gluten and what not. I was eager to fix my digestive issues so I would try anything. I saw doctors, did allergy testing, ultrasounds, worked with naturopaths, but nothing gave me the result I was looking for. Some things made it a little better, but I was still struggling a lot. 

Due to this constant change of diet I grew anxious and afraid of food which resulted in skipping or postponing meals, overeating, binging on cookies, and not to mention the damaging effect it had on my self-image. Negative self-talk was a daily practice. 

Then I came across Ayurveda and it has been the one practice that gave me some actual results. It made sense and I was able to easily adjust my diet and lifestyle to address the rootcause of my digestive issues. It gave me a frame work to understand myself better and work with the imbalances that I was experiencing. It slowly relieved me of my physical symptoms which in turn eased and calmed my mind and nervous system. I no longer jumped from one diet to the next and my relationship with food became joyful again and easy. I no longer 'fall of the wagon', I know how to adjust when I feel imbalanced and have the knowledge to assess what is going on. 


Of course, I studied this healing science in-depth, but with the simple diet and lifestyle practices you can experience this too. I am determined to share and teach you the simplicity of Ayurveda and want you to benefit from it as well. 


You want to end the diet-cycle, find freedom and joy in eating again, while improving your health in a sustainable and long-term way. This can truly be life-changing! 


What clients say:

"This program exceeded all expectations. I signed up to help break some habits related to food and snacking and what I got was a total mind, body, and spiritual reset PLUS a full education on digestion and mind-blowing Ayurvedic topics. First off, the meals were amazing and I never felt hungry. About halfway through the program, I woke up in the morning with more energy than I had in months. I also noticed that the amount I've been eating post-program is significantly less and the foods I'm drawn to are lighter and less processed. I have zero interest in eating anything refined or full of sugar. After this program, I feel so much more in touch with my intuition, true hunger, and body. Thank you, Christa!"

Image from iOS.jpg

—  Samantha Bove, Founder ZBA, California

What You Get

A custom-designed health success plan to reset your sleep habits, meal times, and exercise routine in a way that feels supportive, fun, and sustainable to YOU!

  • A program manual with practical and educational material.

  • Seven group coaching sessions on Zoom for education, support, sharing, and connecting in community plus accountability.

  • A community platform (private Slack group) for 24/7 support. Connect, share, and get all your questions answered here.

  • Personal guidance from me in the coaching sessions and in Slack.

  • A recipe book full of delicious, healthy, and seasonal meals for any dietary preference.

  • AND.. access to Katarina Yoga Online Studio for 14 days!


The option to book an Ayurveda assessment with a discount in combination with this program. 

Live Coaching Sessions Schedule

All coaching sessions are 90 minute live Zoom calls. If you are not able to attend the live call you will receive the recording to watch at your own convenience. It is not mandatory to attend all sessions.

Sunday January 23rd at 1 pm EST

Tuesday January 25th at 1 pm EST

Thursday January 27th at 1 pm EST

Sunday January 30th at 1 pm EST

Tuesday February 1st at 1 pm EST

Thursday February 3rd at 1 pm EST

Saturday February 5th at 1 pm EST

Your Investment: $495 CAD

Payment plans available  (contact me)

Yes! I am Interested!
Fill out your information if you are interested in participating in the program. You will be further contacted right after for next steps.

Thanks for submitting!

Before doing this program, I was struggling with sticking to a regular eating schedule, giving up sugar, daily elimination and I experienced anxiety and confusion about food and eating.


One of my biggest wins is that I managed to cook three meals a day for myself. I stuck to the recommended meal schedule and my elimination improved quickly. My energy started flowing through my whole body again and I finally had warm feet again!


I loved Christa’s ground-breaking perspectives on food, they really made me think in such a different way and it had a profound impact on my thoughts and beliefs about food and improved my relationship with eating tremendously.


Christa created an incredibly safe community, I felt supported, was encouraged to share my experience which was a big part of my success.

Julia Hintersteiner

Student, Austria (EU)

I have participated in other programs from Christa and always had great success. Before this program, I was struggling with poor sleep habits, excess weight, and sluggishness, plus too much evening snacking. Since the program I now have a regular sleep routine, am eating only three meals a day, and exercise regularly.


I feel my energy level is also improved and my digestion. I am finally understanding ways to compensate for my dosha being out of balance.


I loved being in community and having a detailed manual to follow with lots of great tips and recipes. The Zoom meetings were an excellent way for the participants to connect, share and encourage one another and I loved the new Slack platform as well.


My experience was worthwhile, enjoyable, and beneficial. I highly recommend this program!!!! 

Jude Teskey

Artist, Ontario, CA

Be set up for a year where your health feels easeful! 

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