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FAQ New Years Ayurveda Reset

Can I participate when I am pregnant? 

Yes, the program is perfectly safe for pregnant women. 

Can I participate when I have a (recently) diagnosed disease?

Yes, but you do need to mention this so we can make the necessary adjustments for you.

Is this a cleanse or detox?

No, this program does not have the intention to cleanse or detox. In Ayurveda, we do not recommend cleansing in the winter season. 

Is this a weight loss program? 

No, the emphasis is not on weight loss, but on long-term sustainable health. Weight loss however can be a side effect!

What kind of recipes will be provided?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes will be provided from vegan to meat recipes to gluten-free. All recipes are seasonal (winter). 

Can I change some of the recipes to my liking? 

Absolutely, you do not have to use these recipes if you have other meals you want to cook. You can use them as a guideline for seasonal cooking. 

How to choose my meals? 

You can choose any meal from the provided recipes that you like and suit your diet preferences. 

How much should I eat of a meal? 

Until you feel satiated and full. In Ayurveda, we say 1/3 of the stomach is for food, 1/3 for water, and 1/3 empty. We will practice listening to your hunger cue in the program. 

What if I get hungry between meals? 

Always eat when you are hungry. It is recommended to not snack in between meals to get back in touch with your hunger. But we never want to feel intense hunger and put off eating. 

What if I do not feel hungry in the morning? 

This could have several reasons that will be addressed in the program. You never have to eat if you don't want to. 

Can I use cannabis during the program? 


This is absolutely your personal choice. I would personally always recommend not using any mind-altering drugs during a program like this. 

Where can I find the zoom recording if I missed the call? 

They will be posted in Slack. You will have to download this app on your phone or computer. If you do not have access you will receive it by email. 

Do I have to come to all the meetings? What if I can’t make it to all the meetings? 

The meetings are not mandatory but recommended. You will always receive the recording right after the call. 

What is a Slack app?

This is a communication platform where you will find the opportunity to share your experience with other participants, ask questions, and find additional information. 

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, absolutely, please contact me for this at

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