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Make Peace with Food and Your Body

Imagine This...


You have a restored relationship with food and your body

You have more JOY and PEACE around food and movement

You have more TRUST IN YOURSELF to make choices around food, your body, and movement that are good for you. 

You feel at EASE around food

Feeling more JOY when it comes to movement 

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When you join my group coaching program, you get:

  • 9-month container

  • 18 x 60-90 minute calls. Every 2 weeks.

  • Workbook with Practice Exercises

  • Practice Better Group with Journal Prompts and Access to Christa

  • 2 individual 30-minute coaching sessions

Option to add:

  • What’s app texting / voice messages 5 days a week (no weekends) ($499) 

  • 5 x 1-1 coaching sessions ($999)

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1:1 Coaching Program

Option of 3 or 6 months

3-month program with 6 x bi-weekly sessions ($1695)

6-month program with 12 x bi-weekly sessions ($)


"Over the years I had already done a lot of work to improve my health, but working with Christa had me look even deeper into my relationship with food. Plus I really learned what type of foods work well for my body, which is quite different from what society was telling me. I am amazed at how much I am learning and so happy with the new perspectives Ayurveda has brought for me."

Jennifer, Entrepreneur, Toronto

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

Principle 1:

Break Up with Diet Culture
Becoming aware of diet culture and your own food story. Exploring diet history, current diet state and diet mentality.

Principle 6:

Feel your fullness.

Examining how and where we eat and how we experience our fullness. Exploring the conenction between this and our bodies.

Principle 2:

Honour your hunger.
This principle is all about body work. We are reconnecting with our bodies, feeling our physical sensations, urges, emotions, and feelings. We also want to get back to trusting our bodily cues and honouring our hunger.

Principle 7:

Cope with your emotions with kindness.
Talking about how emotions play an important role in our eating. Exploring other factors (like sleep, stress, nourishment), emotional triggers and coping with feelings.

Principle 3:

Make Peace with Food.
Exploring the idea of giving yourself unconditional permission to eat everything. Exploring what foods we reject and what foods we idolize.

Principle 8:

Respect your body.
Exploring how we feel about our bodies, how have we been speaking to them and how we can change this. Examining what media and peers have told us and rewriting this narrative.

Principle 4:

Challenge the Food Police.

Talking about inner and outer food police. Examining your inner narrative, what people have said to you, social media.

Principle 9:

Movement - Feel the Difference.
Talking about exercise, barriers around exercise and discovering what kind of exercise we like. Exploring barriers around exercises, and shifting movement from "have to" to something that is enjoyable.

Principle 5:

Discover the Satisfaction Factor.

Focusing on experiencing more joy in our eating. Exploring our favourite foods, our eating setting and our cooking situation.

Principle 10:

Honour your health.
Talking about health, gentle nutrition, and what motivates our food choices. A deeper look into these topics and how we can approach them.

If you're looking for more clarity, or to discuss the best option for yourself, let's chat.

About Me

My name is Christa.

I feel inspired to help you balance your health through simple and long-lasting practices. Nature is a guiding force for me! I love sharing what I learned from Ayurveda to help empower you to become your own healer. 

I have been studying Ayurveda and Yoga for ten years now. I am a 200hr certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher and 850hr certified Ayurveda Health Counsellor. 

My cooking experience stretches to cooking for Yoga Teacher Trainings leading a kitchen of ten staff and cooking for up to 180 students! 

Working with me means getting back to the basics; structure and routine, seasonal foods, proper sleep times, movement, and rest.


Plus I am supportive of working on your beliefs about what health should look like. I am not in favour of dieting, restricting yourself, or having a killer body as a health goal. 

I am not obsessed with health, but maintain my own health for a better quality of life. And this is what I want for you as well.

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"Since I started working with Christa I have managed to improve my digestion, and quality of sleep, and feel so much calmer during the day. I started cooking more of my own meals and I am drinking much less coffee. I am amazed that just by adopting these 'simple' practices I have improved my health tremendously."

Jay,  Music Professor,  London, Ontario

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