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Restore Your Relationship with Food and Your Body.

With the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda.

You would love to ...

Feel at ease about the foods you eat. Not overthinking or stressing about it. With mealtime routines and rituals in place that make you feel good and at peace. 

Be kind and compassionate with yourself, love your imperfections, and enjoy your indulging moments! 

Think about food with joy, fond memories, excitement, and sometimes just neutral and as fuel :) 


Feel like you can say no to foods and yes to foods whenever you want. You are connected to your bodily needs and trust them completely.


Feel good in your skin, happy with your body, and good about your health. 


Be confident and clear on how to manage your digestive issues or any other health issues. 

You're in the right place.


Ayurveda is NOT another diet.

Ayurveda is a healing science from India that is over 5,000 years old and can be of great value in our current time. Unlike today's fast-paced diet culture, Ayurveda brings grounding, time-tested, simple practices that bring you back in harmony with your body and yourself. It is gentle, kind, and compassionate and reminds you of who you are and your own wisdom for healing. 


I'm Christa, Ayurvedic Health Coach and Ayurvedic Cook. 

I help you make peace with food, build a sustainable lifestyle routine unique to you to support your health, and help you find joy and ease in taking care of yourself with food. This approach has ended my stressful war with food and improved my health and I feel excited to share it with you.


Client Love

"Over the years I had already done a lot of work to improve my health, but working with Christa had me look even deeper into my relationship with food. Plus I really learned what type of foods work well for my body, which is quite different from what society was telling me. I am amazed at how much I am learning and so happy with the new perspectives Ayurveda has brought for me."

—  Jennifer, Entrepreneur, Toronto


Are you ready? 

Are you ready to restore your relationship with food and your body? Are you ready to let go of your fight with food? The battle in your head about what to (not) eat? No more crazy intense habits and someone else telling you what you cannot eat!


Find peace with food and enjoy your meals :) 

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