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This hearty ragu is the ultimate winter meal. Simmering for hours on the stove to get its rich flavour and soft beef that melts in your mouth. This is a dish that sticks to your bones, warms you up and gives you energy to go outside into the snow and cold!


In winter we can choose to eat a bit more meat to benefit from the grounding, building and warming qualities that it brings. Meat is hard to digest, but our digestion is strongest in the heart of winter, so it can handle it. Ayurveda recommends eating meat in a stew where it is cooked to be easier to digest. 

Slow-cooked Beef Ragu w/ Pasta

  • organic stewing beef / organic beef broth / onion / carrot / celery /  leafy green / garlic / tomato paste / balsamic vinegar / red wine (Ontario) /  bay leaf / thyme / sage / organic parsley / Himalayan pink salt / black pepper / pasta (option for gf)

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