Your Ayurvedic Shopping List for the Month of September.

Cooler temperatures are here. The mornings and evenings have been much colder and I find myself getting into fall vibes right away. I slept in a bit longer on the weekend, cozied up under a blanket on the couch, and I am starting to crave fall foods, like warm soups and casseroles already!

Due to the cooler weather and the increase in wind, I have already noticed some dryness in my system over the past few days. My skin is a bit rougher, and my eyes felt really dry. Time to adjust my diet!

But! Summer is officially not over yet, so we can still enjoy some delicious summer fruits and vegetables.

Let’s see what to put in your grocery basket this month.

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Seasonal Eating

In Ayurveda we believe that the earth provides us what we need at the exact right moment. What is growing around you at this time of year is exactly what you should be eating. The best way to find out what that is, is to pay a visit to your local Farmers' market and see the abundance that September has to bring.

To help you out I created a list of foods to favour in September.


You can still enjoy the sweetness of berries early in September. Strawberries and raspberries are perfect to make a tart with or stew for a dessert sauce. Yes, you can also can these and preserve them for wintertime.

Melons are still available as well. You can still find watermelon and cantaloupes at your farmer's market. Enjoy these juicy and sweet fruits while they last.

The first week of September was the last week of peaches and plums, but you might still find some to enjoy. Grapes are available as well and get ready for apple and pear season!

"Mornings and evenings have been much cooler, and I find myself getting into fall vibes right away!"


As far as vegetables we can still enjoy an abundance of them. Enjoy sweet corn while it lasts, and the abundance of the tomato harvest. They are juicy and sweet! Fennel is now available as well and is such a delightful vegetable! I love eating it raw in a salad or braising it in the oven with a whole fish. Incredible and different flavour, try it out. Cabbage is also available in different varieties, red, green, Nappa, pick your favourite. You can pickle your cabbage in a jar for the winter, you can quick pickle it for an Asian-type salad or braise it for a more hearty and fall-like meal.

As far as greens, go for broccoli, kale, and chard. Leeks are also available and have that sweet kind of onion flavour that I love. More and more root vegetables will become available like kohlrabi, celeriac root, and of course an abundance of potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Eggplant and zucchini squashes are also a great choice for September, make an oven-baked Moussaka or roast them in the oven with fresh herbs!

I drove by Urban Roots Farm in London, Ontario last Friday I saw their pumpkins ready to be harvested! How exciting!

Plenty to go around at this time of year!

"Enjoy sweet corn while it lasts and the abundance of the tomato harvest."

Herbs and spices

In the summer we have been able to enjoy fresh green herbs like cilantro, basil, and mint. Now we are moving a little bit more towards thyme, rosemary, oregano, and sage season. But you can still enjoy basil in abundance and make your pesto pasta over the weekend.

As far as spices you can slowly bring back some more pungent spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, curry powders, garam masala, and anything dried Italian style.